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your custom made wedding registry


Have your very own custom made dinnerware, serving pieces, kitchen items, bathroom decor, etc. by registering with Wild Yam Pottery.  You choose the pieces you want, the sizes that work for you, and the glazes that speak to you, and we create the pieces just for you.


To get started take a look at our dinnerware samples and our archived and current registries.  This will give you an idea of the designs available.  Then come into the shop so we can finalize quantities and sizes.  Once your items are made they will be posted to our website, facebook page, and Square Market web page so your friends and family can view and purchase them.  We generally do not ship items that are purchased but rather encourage the couple to come to the shop to pick up all the items once everything is sold.  Gift cards with personalized messages accompany all purchases.


We will keep a record of your designs and glazes for future reference.  If you decide to add additional pieces or need to replace an item we will be happy to make additional pieces to match.

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